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Choosing a formula can feel overwhelming!

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This site is  for paretns who have made the decision to formula feed. If you’ve found us – you’re likely looking for the very best baby formula.

Well, the hard news is – there is no such a thing. Every baby is a unique angel! This means indiviudal babies will thrive best on different formulas.

The good news is – understanding how infant formulas differ will help you find the best formula for your unique baby! As quickly as possible.

We’re dedicated to helping you understand how formulas differ.

Run by Dr. Bridget Young, this site translates the most recent medical research and knowledge into actionable and logistical steps you can take with your own baby to protect and improve her health.

Need a place to start? Read the articles about how to choose the best baby formula.

Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your family’s special journey!

Thank you SO much for caring for moms so well. 🙂 I am sending ALL MY FRIENDS your way.  I wish I found your site sooner!

Katie Mother to Charlie (4 months)

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